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What is a Brand Activation?  

A brand activation is an event, experience, and interaction that positions the brand’s target audience to develop a long-term emotional connection with the brand itself. These activations are usually a specific campaign or event that generates brand awareness and offers the company the opportunity to interact with the audience.

Did you know that 98% of people feel more inclined to purchase a brand’s products after attending an activation? Brand activations are therefore the key to the longevity of your business. A brand activation allows you to reach new audiences, and even redefine how your existing target audience perceives you.

The Calligraphy Co. is an agency specialising in enhancing brands and events through artistry services. The agency is trusted by the world’s most reputable luxury brands including Hermes, Cartier, Christian Dior Parfums, and Prada.

How Does Calligraphy Elevate Brand Activation Events

brand activation events with the calligraphy co


Brand activation events lead to increased impressions and improved brand awareness. Examples of these events could be launches, corporate events, awards nights, parties, or any celebration. To turn your brand activation or retail event into a distinguishing experience, you need to be able to create memories, and not just mass produced products.

You may choose to provide various demonstrative services. These can include hand engraving western modern or traditional calligraphy, embossing, Chinese calligraphy, or product and fashion illustration. By personalising products, brands are able to honour their clients’ unique sensibility, whilst at the same time honouring the brand’s integrity, heritage and product design, creating precious keepsakes that will leave a lasting impression.

Interactive demonstrations inspire connections to be made between your brand and your audience.


By offering product personalisation, you differentiate your business from others.

It is extremely essential for all brands to acknowledge their consumer’s tastes which differ from individual to individual. By providing the opportunity to have custom embroidery and personalised gifts, your audience will feel unique and valued. An example of a custom gift can be a hand-engraved message on a perfume bottle. Whatever it may be, it is the unique personalisation experience and authentic engagement that will heighten a customer’s sense of importance and connection to your brand.

Did you know that 98% of consumers create social content at experiences and events, while 100% of consumers share the content they create? Hence, you should consider using aesthetic displays and backgrounds at your next brand activation event to encourage your audience to share their photos and videos of your event. Therefore by having a social element within your brand activation event, you could spread the word about your brand more effectively.

On the other hand, awarding engraved gifts to your most loyal customers will differentiate your business from companies who utilise a point-based system which is extremely easy to replicate. Furthermore, you actively encourage loyalty and demonstrate that your company does not just take, but also are genuinely invested in customers who support your brand. Therefore, the reputation of your brand improves.

Brand and retail events, including brand activations, pop-ups, product launches, private dinners, put your brand in a better position to acquire customers in the long-term.

Brand Activation & Calligraphy Services  

If you are looking for the finest calligraphy artists across Australia and New Zealand to enhance your brand activation, event, or in store experience, visit our website for more information or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a memorable experience for your valued clients and guests.

In addition to calligraphy services, The Calligraphy Co. artisans provide a broad range of bespoke artisanal services, including custom embroidery, western modern and traditional calligraphy, fashion and product illustration, leather and product embossing, hand engraving and more.